Saturday, August 8, 2009

Atsuko Kudo: Latex is Not Just for Fetish

Today I stopped in a great little clothing/art store on Polk Street where they had a mini latex florescent orange beret. Yeah - you heard me. And you bet I tried it on. And you bet it was amazing. I came home and immediately looked up the designer: Atsuko Kudo.

I was told by the store owner that aside from the beret, Atsuko Kudo was mainly a fetish brand. But that couldn't be further from the truth. True, we all know that traditionally latex is used for fetish wear - but Atsuko Kudo uses latex in innovative and sophisticated ways. What you get is high-fashion, sexy, and truly adorable. Might be a little much to wear everyday (after all, latex is hot), but then again ... how about keeping this secret underneath your clothing all day?
Hot Hot Hot!

100% Pure Latex Gaganess:

Also very well-known for her leggings:

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