Thursday, May 27, 2010

NEED YOUR HELP! - Call for clothing donations by June 11, 2010

In the spirit of creating a stronger sense of community and cutting down on waste, we are hosting a large community-wide Clothing Swap in the Mission, San Francisco this Summer. On the day of the event, Swappers can participate by dropping off their own clothes to contribute and/or by taking a bag of clothes for FREE. We will be requesting a small donation of $5-10 upon entry to cover costs associated with putting on the event.

We are collecting local clothing donations from friends and family in the next 2 weeks so we will have piles of clothes to start off with on the day of the event. We would really appreciate a clothing donation from you - clothing in good condition that you don't wear .... clothing that you might otherwise donate to Goodwill or that you've kept in your closet for years thinking you might wear it or fit into it one day. This includes: jackets, hats, pants, shirts, skirts, shoes, gloves, accessories, sunglasses, bags, costumes, lingerie, Pjs ...

Please let me know immediately via email to if you are interested in making a donation. We are taking donations until June 11 … so you have 2 weeks to get a donation together. We can come pick-up - Or, you can drop off at a location on 23rd and Capp. Just email me ( and let me know what works best for you.

We will keep you posted about the actual event date (currently TBD) so you can come by and replenish your closet with clothes you will actually wear!

We appreciate your participation & joining us in the fun!!

For more info, or to schedule a pick-up or drop off, email Annie at:

Judging The Cute, Stylish Girls

Do you ever look at a really cute girl who has ridiculously amazing style and think that she must be a bitch? Well, I do. Sometimes. Depending on my mood ... where I am at with my self esteem ... where I'm at spiritually, jealousy surprises me and I find myself all-of-a-sudden in my head creating elaborate stories of how awful this stylish woman is. I can pretend I don't do this, but I totally do. Not all the time, but I do.

So I've been challenging myself lately to talk to these women. And I've found that they are normal women - just like me. They are human. They are sometimes very nice and sweet.

Case-in-point - the couple below. I sat behind them at the CCSF Fashion show a few days ago, half watching the show, half obsessing about the woman sitting in front of us. Her dress was beautiful, and perfectly paired with a turquoise pair of tights and vintage boots. I loved her hair, and the little hat she wore. She was adorable. But I hated her. She must be a terrible person.

But then I asked her for a photo, and she was flattered and so sweet. She had an accent. She was perfect. And then I set myself a personal reminder - when I consciously recognize the jealous voices in my head, to go up to that person, give them a compliment, or ask for a photo ... then I am swiftly taken out of my head and irrational thoughts and jealousy to fully appreciate and see the person in front of me.

Here they are:
And this is me and my friend Janis that night: