Thursday, May 27, 2010

Judging The Cute, Stylish Girls

Do you ever look at a really cute girl who has ridiculously amazing style and think that she must be a bitch? Well, I do. Sometimes. Depending on my mood ... where I am at with my self esteem ... where I'm at spiritually, jealousy surprises me and I find myself all-of-a-sudden in my head creating elaborate stories of how awful this stylish woman is. I can pretend I don't do this, but I totally do. Not all the time, but I do.

So I've been challenging myself lately to talk to these women. And I've found that they are normal women - just like me. They are human. They are sometimes very nice and sweet.

Case-in-point - the couple below. I sat behind them at the CCSF Fashion show a few days ago, half watching the show, half obsessing about the woman sitting in front of us. Her dress was beautiful, and perfectly paired with a turquoise pair of tights and vintage boots. I loved her hair, and the little hat she wore. She was adorable. But I hated her. She must be a terrible person.

But then I asked her for a photo, and she was flattered and so sweet. She had an accent. She was perfect. And then I set myself a personal reminder - when I consciously recognize the jealous voices in my head, to go up to that person, give them a compliment, or ask for a photo ... then I am swiftly taken out of my head and irrational thoughts and jealousy to fully appreciate and see the person in front of me.

Here they are:
And this is me and my friend Janis that night:

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