Friday, April 30, 2010

Final Design Project - Confined_Escape

Below are the illustrations for my final design project, entitled Confined_Escape. The concept was juxtaposing confinement [pulled from my experiences working retail] with the idea of escape. The confinement part was executed by way of strappy, strait-jacket like elements used in interesting ways that were paired with the escape elements that were light and airy.

And here is a form study I did:
I have to say that after working on this project for a solid 4-weeks, and then a 6-hour critique [where only about 12-minutes of that was mine], I feel sad and a little lonely, like a lost a friend. But I guess that just means I have time to do things like take showers, eat long dinners, and do my laundry. I guess this is a good thing.


  1. ANNIE, these designs are awesome. I can't believe your drawing... how good you have become. School's working in beautiful tandem with your own brain/creativity!

  2. When can I buy? GORGEOUS my friend.

  3. i really really want to wear some of these!

  4. It is truly truly like giving birth to a child. I am serious.