Friday, July 31, 2009

A Smile For U: Street Art Seen on 6th/Howard

Triangle Tank: No Masters Other than that "Master" - Right?

I like geometric shapes. I like black screen printing on white. And I especially like triangles. There's just something about triangles.

Meet the Cheap Monday Triangle Tank, "No Masters."
Because being the director just doesn't work.

Available here.

Panty Gaga: Rainbows Shooting From A Mystical Clam

Hopefully in the next 5 years I'll be a designer of magnificent lingerie - wearable art if-you-will. But right now I'm just a collector, appreciator, and an enthusiastic wearer. For those that know me, it's a huge passion of mine.

I've been doing lots of research to find new lingerie collections coming out this Fall/Winter - I just haven't seen anything that thrills me. But my friend just sent me a pic of these panties she bought - and they just blow my mind. And what's best, they are handmade from scraps, and the elastic is salvaged from a now demolished belt factory, circa 1960-1980s. And what's better? They are called Rainbows Shooting From A Mystical Clam. My Mystical Clam is going gaga gaga gaga ...

And more from the same designer for your Mystical Clam to go gaga over:
And see it all here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Business on Top, Party on the Bottom

This outfit is sort of like pairing a glass of a nice vintage wine with a corndog. Ha. But it just feels right.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Golfer John Daly's Crazy Taste in Pants: A Circus of Fun

I know nothing about golf, nor do I necessarily enjoy watching it or playing it (except that one time with my grandparents when I was 15). I happened to be watching the news this evening when golfer John Daly was featured - and I noticed his interesting clown-like taste in pants.

Sure he's totally overweight, smokes on the golf course, and probably likes to hang at strip clubs every night - but you gotta love his taste in pants. How can you not love a man who wears pink, argyle, houndstooth and other crazy prints all while playing a sport that is generally supremely fashionably conservative? Despite whether YOU would actually wear these pants on the golf course, you've got to give Mr. Daly some credit. It definitely looks like he's having more fun than his Nike-clad opponents. Oh Mr. John Daly - I'll hang with you at a strip club any day.

Today's Outfit: Vintage Homemade Dress Just Feels Right

I like me a good vintage homemade dress that carries in each stitch a history I'll never know about. Pictured here in these shitty iPhone pics is today's outfit: Vintage homemade dress, sparkly booties, black tights, silk flower headband. Not sure what I'm channeling here - it just feels right.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ERR. AHHHHH. Please help me: MRM for Traitor Bikes

Oh Hello Lovely.

This is bike porn for me. XXXrated goodness. Come to Annie.

via selectism:
He [Matt W Moore] continues to push his graphic look onto new forms. Take his upcoming show at Open’s Chorus Gallery, "Momentum" which explores his graphics against a series of Traitor track bicycle frames. “In part with Open and Traitor Cycles, Matt will be presenting a series of five hand-painted frames, a cycling cap and some other soft goods."

More eye-porn from 2008:

I am so NOT a Red Person ... but maybe ...

I don't know why - I just don't really like the color red. But Built By Wendy's F/W 2009 collection is making me question my preference for pinks and purples. She's successfully paired bright red tights with a semi-boring/sophisticated outfit with the result of both serenity and calamity coming together in harmony. I'm starting to see red in my tight-wearing future.

And hello high-thighs. This is both sexy and classy all at the same time. And the bow tied around her neck: Oh sugar.

Scottish Designer Holly Fulton - Marching to Her Own Beat

Eye-popping designs, vivid colors, geometric shapes and sharp contours. Scottish Young Designer of the Year Holly Fulton has me gaga over her forward-thinking designs [and this time in a jealous way] ... (via DD)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Innovative Shelving System = Eye Taffy

I love functional items for the house that are also sculptural. And anything that looks like candy/anything I want to eat has me sold.

Recent RISD graduate Pete Oyler has devised an inventive shelving system based on giant rubber bands. Using aluminum posts and cast rubber, the shelves take organic shapes that decorate whether filled with books or not. (via DB).

UK Artist James Ropper has Got Me HOT

Sculptural designs and paintings of porn stars. Gagagagagagagaga:

'Into the Fold' installation

The Ecstasy of Alektra Blue
'Rapture' series
mixed media on paper

The Ecstasy of Jenna Jameson II
'Rapture' series
mixed media on paper

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures at the Dentist's Office and a Quote from Vogue

I've spent my whole summer at the dentists office. This time I picked up the August issue of Vogue while I was waiting and came across this quote that really spoke to me:

"It took American woman awhile but we've finally taken on board a certain truth: How we feel about ourselves has more than a little to do with how well we care for ourselves. And that most definitely includes how we dress. Style isn't imposed on us by the establishment it's a daily affirmation of - well - our joie de vivre. We are each a painted butterfly with a different pattern on our wings."

For me, it's been really interesting to see how
what's going on in my life effects my personal style - particularly what's happening with my self esteem and how I'm really feeling inside. Clothing is my way of expressing how I feel to the world - and lately there's been a renewed sense of excitement, sophistication, confidence and groundedness in how I've been expressing myself outwardly. And it feels good.

A Sugary Seattle Treat for your Eyes

Here's a little bit of sugar for your fine Sunday morning. How cute is Katherine? My sister took this in Queen Anne yesterday. Ok, Seattle, I'll give you some cred.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anzevino & Florence Tie Leggings - Bondage for your Legs

I've been seeing these all over blogs recently, and I decided I had to post them myself. They are pretty hot - and a totally innovative take on the regular legging (which began to bore me in 2007). I am very into them - but a DIY version is super simple. Give me $10 to spend on Mission St. and a few hours - and Voila! Pure bondage delight for your legs. You can also buy them here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

John Galliano A/W 2009-2010 Couture fashion show - Simply Gaga

Equal parts of sexy retro-Barbie, Mary Poppins, and Annie the movie - John Galliano: You sure know how to make a recipe of complete and utter gaga. I'm foaming at the mouth.