Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures at the Dentist's Office and a Quote from Vogue

I've spent my whole summer at the dentists office. This time I picked up the August issue of Vogue while I was waiting and came across this quote that really spoke to me:

"It took American woman awhile but we've finally taken on board a certain truth: How we feel about ourselves has more than a little to do with how well we care for ourselves. And that most definitely includes how we dress. Style isn't imposed on us by the establishment it's a daily affirmation of - well - our joie de vivre. We are each a painted butterfly with a different pattern on our wings."

For me, it's been really interesting to see how
what's going on in my life effects my personal style - particularly what's happening with my self esteem and how I'm really feeling inside. Clothing is my way of expressing how I feel to the world - and lately there's been a renewed sense of excitement, sophistication, confidence and groundedness in how I've been expressing myself outwardly. And it feels good.

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