Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Golfer John Daly's Crazy Taste in Pants: A Circus of Fun

I know nothing about golf, nor do I necessarily enjoy watching it or playing it (except that one time with my grandparents when I was 15). I happened to be watching the news this evening when golfer John Daly was featured - and I noticed his interesting clown-like taste in pants.

Sure he's totally overweight, smokes on the golf course, and probably likes to hang at strip clubs every night - but you gotta love his taste in pants. How can you not love a man who wears pink, argyle, houndstooth and other crazy prints all while playing a sport that is generally supremely fashionably conservative? Despite whether YOU would actually wear these pants on the golf course, you've got to give Mr. Daly some credit. It definitely looks like he's having more fun than his Nike-clad opponents. Oh Mr. John Daly - I'll hang with you at a strip club any day.

1 comment:

  1. I like his bag stitching.

    "Grip It N Rip It"

    It can go in so many directions.