Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Right On

From my favorite blog Yimmy's Yayo:

Style is not defined by fashion.

What brand of jacket you’re wearing, how much you spent on those shoes, how obscure you’re take on dress is; are over emphasised these days.

The idea of ‘Style’ is being obscured and diluted. How one carries oneself, how one communicates, thinks and behaves are overlooked. I’ve seen a kid wearing under $100 in total (Hanes, basics, boots et al.) have abundantly more style than some ‘fashionistas’ milling around outside fashion shows.

Fashion/clothing is not being completely negated here, only pulled back to an equal stance, alongside the aforementioned factors.

Style is who, what and how you are. Style is confidence, presence and impression. Not exclusively what you’re wearing.

- Yayo