Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sustainability Design Concept Dress - Stains

Through primary research we found out that people don't wear clothes with stains. So even if only a small stain, they are most likely donating their whole garment to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. But the gap here? If they won't wear it, no one else is going to either. It most likely ends up in the landfill.

Solution: Focusing on hot spot areas (front, side and back), I designed a garment with removable and replaceable panels so the wearer does not have to replace the whole garment if only a small area is stained. She can simply take off a stained piece and replace it with another clean piece. The garment is also designed with "gutters" (by way of pin tucks) that catch liquid, centralize it, and move it towards the floor. This solution allows longer wearabililty and less landfill.

I got into the CCA Sustainability exhibit in November with this piece!

Here are the photos from the crit last week:

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  1. of course i would love this. it's the sleek, modern version of how i deal with stains by sewing on a patch. also... where were those gutters when i thought i could hold a martini glass (and was very, very wrong)?