Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Art Walk Download

Just a few photos from my weekly inspiration walks:

What is an art/inspiration walk? Well, it's just me, and sometimes my dog, taking long walks and intently looking around, noticing, paying attention, staying present with what's happening around me. Noticing what I might not normally notice. Appreciating what I might not normally appreciate (trash for example) by finding the beauty in it (maybe it's making a cool composition or degrading in a beautiful color). Taking photos, video, or just experiencing. Walking to the beat of music, and looking around to see what else is in rhythm with me ... the way the wind is blowing a tree, someone's ponytail swinging back and forth to the beat of the music ...

Sometimes when I feel like I have no time, I intentionally take one of these walks to slow me down, and remind me that there's a whole world out there ... that there is so much beauty to be seen in everything. So much beauty that doesn't need to be viewed in a gallery or a museum ... but art that's free, limitless and available all the time. I just gotta make the time, open my eyes, and grant myself the openmindeness and the willingness to see it all. What it is a gift to wake up everyday and to see ... to really see!