Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unbreak & Terminal 2 = Concept 1

I just finished up my Junior year at CCA, which means I'll be spending most of this summer concepting for my Senior thesis next year. We're expected to come back with 4 completely full concept books the first week we get back from Summer break unbreak.

I'm leaving to work in India for 6 weeks on July 1. Which means ... I need to get going: NOW.

Terminal 2. SFO's latest terminal. I flew Virgin back from NYC last weekend and walked through this new terminal. When I saw Janet Echelman's artwork, I immediately stopped, threw down my bags, and started snapping photos. The installation in person is a lot more inspiring than the description, so I'll just let myself decide what it means to me. The layers jutting out from its 'source' ... the curvature, the color palette. I'm gonna let this sit in my head for a bit, and see how it could translate to a garment. Totally doable. Terminal 2 = Concept 1.

Artist: Janet Echelman, New York

Title: Every Beating Second, 2011