Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who the f is this Risto

I just got an email recently with a Risto dress. I clicked on the link in the email ... looked at the dress in all its glory, and pondered "who the f is this bitch?"

I looked up some more images of Risto garments, and I pondered once again, but this time for longer: "who the f is this bitch?" Really beautiful, gorgeous stuff. Really. Beautiful color palettes. Texture that makes me want to take a journey within the garment. I just want to eat each and every one of these delicious pieces. Probably can't do that. I can't even buy them, since they are pretty expensive. Oh boo. What should a girl do? I'll just post them here:

So who is this Risto? Since I'm a lazy pony, I'm just going to cut/paste the description from LesNouvelles.com:

Risto is an emerging brand, centered on a forward thinking vision. It is foremost a family business, started by a group of common minded individuals, connected by the unique concept, of what is new in the world of design. Risto was born in Macedonia and studied at the prestigious Parisian design school - Duperee. He launched his eponymous label as a knitwear based collection. By combining the traditional knitting techniques of his native country with ultra modern design that is always executed with precise art of the drapery, Risto showed a very new and unique product. Many high praises followed immediately after. The talent behind these creations was noted at Louis Vuitton, and early 2006 marked the start of a strong collaboration: Risto Bimbiloski was a contracted freelance designer for the men’s knitwear line until October of 2009, when Risto decided to devote more time to his own line, that had evolved in the meantime into a full collection, that was successfully showing at New York Fashion Week.