Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bridging Cultures Through Design: Class Day 2

Spinning and felting!

I walked into a classroom with fleece from 3 different sheep - oh what a sight. We learned to clean the fleece and get it ready to be spun. We learned to spin the fleece both on the spinning wheel and on a drop spindle. And we learned to felt too!

I almost cried at this site .... so beautiful:

I've been saving my dog's hair for months for the right moment to use it in my artwork. And today I spun Bunny's hair using the drop spindle. And it worked! It actually felt pretty silky and soft. I guess beware if you receive a knitted present from me (and definitely don't get it wet!).

Spun dog hair:

xoxox Annie

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  1. Annie, what an exciting class. I am so envious! Spinning Bunny's hair; now it is time to learn to knit!