Monday, June 7, 2010

Japanese 3D Nail Art

My sister Joey just told me about Japanese 3D nail art. There are a few places in NYC that are doing this here in the U.S. ... but she'll be getting her nails done while she's in Japan next week (!!!).

This concept really sits well with me. I get really bored with the idea of red or pink nails - all the same color. Why not throw a fruit basket on your nails?

Check out some of the images I found:


  1. whoa...I really do not like that, but then I didn't like the return of the mullet either, and soon I wanted one of my own.

    My current salon does do the nail wraps...if I didn't work with kids I would totally invest in some tiger stripes or something...

  2. stuff qets stuck in em. not a qood luck wen ur nail qets stuck on ur shoe or on ur DOG!