Tuesday, July 13, 2010

de Dieu [from God] - Marie Noelle Fontan Natural Textiles Artist

Today I had the pleasure of not only meeting natural textiles artist Marie Noelle Fontan, but I also had the pleasure of helping her put together a slide show of her art for my class. Oh ... my ... God. There were moments that I nearly stopping breathing. Forever. Like - I was so satisfied seeing her art that I would've been ok dying at that moment. Really.

Marie Noelle is from France and spends a couple of months out of the year living in Antigua. Her happening to be in Antigua at the same time our class - and her visiting our class to give a presentation - was a such a gift.

When I say "natural textiles artist" I mean this: Marie Noelle collects nature from around the world, and weaves it directly into a composition using the loom that her Mom used to make her clothes when she was a young child. You heard me: She uses nature she finds - coconut, leaves, husks, beans, sticks ... etc - and weaves them into a delicate 'textile.'

Her art is perfectly composed, and uses the natural form of her findings to create beautifully gestural, perfectly delicate, and incredibly graceful pieces. Breath-taking really. And I just saw photos.

And Marie Noelle is just like her art - beautifully composed, humble, and full of grace. I have died and gone to heaven.

Marie Noelle giving the presentation:

Some of her work I pulled off her website:

Olga, Marie Noelle, and Me (a truly prized photo):


  1. Very creative; before I saw her work it reminded me of Girl Scouts...the art we used to make at the beginning of Camp Winahupe using items we found in nature. Her's is so refined and beautifully unusual.

  2. Holy holy, seriously, some of that is so beautiful, i really wish i could touch it, see it in person. man o man.

  3. Hello Annie, how are you?
    I just wanted to thank you for this article and the photos in your blog. Could you give me your e-mail adress to keep in touch with you?

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