Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guatemala Day 2: Natural Dyeing and Mosquito Bites

The good news is that I have been in Guatemala for 2 days and haven't gotten sick [yet]. The other good news is that today was our first day at Indigo. Indigo is a textiles center in Antigua ... the only school in Guatemala that teaches students and local artisans how to natural dye with no chemicals.

Pictured here are the rug weaver artisans from Momosenango that will be working with us:

This is my favorite artisan ... he wouldn't stop smiling. I love him.

First, we had to wash and weigh the fleece and thread that the artisans brought with them from Momostenango in order to prepare it to be dyed.

And here are a few shots of us preparing the dye material ... including coconut (brown), eucalyptus, Indigo (blue) , Cyprus (light brown), pomegranate (yellow), Arragan (light green) and lots more ...

Cochineal ... a beetle! Used for red dye:

Some of us today:

I'm sitting outside right now and being eaten by mosquitoes ... gotta go. xoxox

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  1. cochineal...for red dye. My book group read a book called "Red" and it was about the history of the color and often spoke of the animal. Obviously I did not read the book...I will pass it along to you. I think you would enjoy it.