Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Thought That You Might Be Wondering ...

... about Guatemalan strip clubs! I mean - how could I have a complete artistic and cultural Guatemalan experience without happening to walk into a strip club?

Upon entering a Guatemalan strip club, you might:
- Be greeted with "La Lesbianas!" by the guy on the microphone
- See the old man who sells large bags of nuts on the street happen to walk in, and sit down - and put his bags of nuts on the table
- Get told by the bartender that the girls cost 1000 quetzals/night ($125 U.S.) when you asked him [in broken Spanish] if they get paid tips or hourly
- See the strippers incredibly bored, sitting in plastic chairs against the wall, slouching
- Watch a group of 16 year olds walk in

Heard this Cypress Hill song their tonight ... so good:

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  1. I need to hear every detail about this experience please.