Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guatemala Day 3: More Dyeing & Tying Knots

Another beautiful day here in Antigua. Still working on natural dyeing. Also started setting up the loom with our Momostenango artisans. Take a little tour below.

Preparing the dyes:

Achiote (a natural pigment used to add color to food):

A slight intermission:

Dyeing the thread:

Longwood dust (makes a beautiful purple which you can't really see in this photo):

This is Olga, our instructor at Indigo. I caught a very special moment here:

Cheesy student picture:

Sorry ... the video I took of Jorgé threading the loom is taking too long to upload. Let's just say that this process takes awhile, and I'll have more opportunities to take footage.

I hear thunder ... gotta get back before it starts downpouring ... xoxox


  1. I know I should say something relevant to the text and experience, but mostly I am just overwhelmed by how cute you all are...I am super impressed with what you are doing down there, especially the hard physical work. I imagine its giving you an idea (if you didn't already) of how amazing handmade textiles are and what an amazing shame and amazing gift modern fabric making machines are.

  2. That looks like so much fun! And the weather looks good, too!